Monday, August 10, 2009

Good books on EAI and Agile Programming

  • Head First "Design Patterns" - 26 pages on the Decorator ? Finally the space it deserves ! If you found the "Consequences, Forces, Solutions, Implementation, Related Patterns"structure of other Patterns book too rigid. This one is for you. Finally an entertaining read on Patterns. "Patterns in Java" and even the GoFs books loose their glory after reading this one.
  • "Client/Server Survival Guide" - Very old, but I liked the writing. (use Steven's "Unix Network Programming" as a reference)
  • "Extreme Programming Explained" - there you go, little Agile programmer. Also some good tips on how to convince upper management of the benefits.
  • "Java Extreme Programming Cookbook" - nice intro to a all the good technologies (as of 2005).
  • "Java Message Service" (Monson-Haefel&Chappel) - no thrills, but all you really need. Writing concise books is a great virtue.

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