Thursday, October 15, 2009

Publishing a JAX-WS Endpoint not just to localhost

Interestingly enough, publishing the JAX-WS Endpoint with endpoint.publish(url) as described in a previous post, publishes the WSDL to http://localhost:8080 but this socket is not accessible from any other host ! Strange default, but there you go ...
So in order to really make a JAX-WS Endpoint public to the world, you can revert to the slightly more cumbersome API of (at least on Sun's JDK):

HttpServer server = HttpServer.create(new InetSocketAddress(port), 3 ); // backlog
endpoint.setExecutor( Executors.newFixedThreadPool(10) );
// publish WebService
HttpContext wsContext = server.createContext( "/" + service );
//wsContext.setAuthenticator(new TestBasicAuthenticator("test"));
endpoint.publish( wsContext );